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How to keep metal trophies for a longer time?

From: Glory Award & Trophy
publisher: Glory Award & Trophy
Time: 2016-03-03
Summary: We all enjoyed the glory the trophy brings to us.However,How to keep metal trophies for a longer time?

How to keep metal trophies for a longer time?

Recently, we are often asked by customer what is the warranty of these trophies? 

metal trophy award - glory award trophy

First of all, gold-plated metal trophy shelf life of the product depends on the quality of the production of raw materials, good facility will use the latest materials to produce metal trophy. Secondly, trophy production processes of quality control is also very important, it will affect the uniformity and gilded fit.

As a matter of fact it depends on how you do take care of them, when put in the humid place or somewhere that is under the sunshine, which will be oxidized more easily and the trophy cup will be rusted.

So to expand its life. let us be more careful and avoid those places mentioned above.

Hope that all people can keep their trophy shining like their glory!

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