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Significance for crystal trophy and the way to keep them

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Time: 2016-05-19
Summary: When you receive a custom crystal trophy, you feel a certain happiness, how can endure it shiny forever, Glory Award & Trophy will give you some good advice, are you ready?Let's go.

Crystal trophy are generally crystal clear, sparkling, delicate, very suitable for the government and companies were awarded prizes, but also a symbol of pure and noble. However, due to the physical properties of the crystal, it is also very particular about preservation methods, let Glory Award & Trophy explain how to better save under crystal trophy.

Crystal trophy preservation methods are mainly the above categories:handshake crystal trophy

1.Crystal trophy itself is fragile, so in the process of moving, be very careful, gently. Do not put the children reach the place, and the need to pay attention to the placement of crystal trophy.

2.Crystal Trophy Do not use cleaners containing caustic cleaning, try to use a clean, soft cloth.

3.Crystal trophy best placed in a separate space, not to put too much hardness together with objects such as jade jewelry, metal ornaments, etc., to avoid being scratched.

4.crystal trophy but also to avoid exposure, long-term high-temperature direct lighting, it will affect the color of the crystal.

5.Crystal trophy touch not often unarmed, should bring white gloves before they can take place.

What is crystal trophy and cultural significance today?Glory Award & Trophy to answer your questions!

Crystal is a symbol of the ancient holy people will define the height of spiritual crystals. She is full of wisdom, courage, a very useful natural energy, you can use it to change the crystal and magnetic body, purify the surrounding environment, even feng shui can be changed in order to improve their own destiny or business. Crystal trophy already baptized nature, is regarded as a treasure!

First, in the hearts of people, all kinds of energy crystals have been science, there are too many examples to strengthen these mysterious than was originally stored in the crystal growing scientific evidence seems clear and bright. Whether there is not effective, we are seeking to adapt to each other with the crystal, it is now clear that the result is what we want.

Second, the crystal represents a symbolic meaning, history, and society gives her greater significance. Today symbolism is so widely crystal trophy: Citrine represents wealth, powder symbol of love, black is generally representative of the company and so on.

Third, crystal trophy is a spirit of faith, a strong psychological effect of the crystal so fresh life. We work with crystal, mutual adaptation of interaction. These crystals have meaning today let us give her undeniable, but so many people have acquiesced in her contribution to the strength of the crystal itself!

Fourth, the crystal is a way of life, people began to pursue crystal is nothing more than the pursuit of beauty. This is a human instinct, it is because this instinct to explore the crystal out, let her more beautiful precision.

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