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World famous trophy, which one is your favorite?

From: Glory Award & Trophy
publisher: Linda Zhu
Time: 2016-06-17
Summary: Human civilization material and spiritual civilization, development of material civilization, to make our lives more comfortable, spiritual development, people get more valuable. Trophy is the spiritual product. It symbolizes a spiritual level award is an honor and commemorate the victory.

A long time ago, leaders in China and the Western world began to use the trophy to reward their subordinates, one to commemorate the great achievements of subordinates. 

In that era trophy, usually made of glass-like, on behalf of the wine culture should be respected and affirmed. Today, more and more kinds of trophies, various competitions in the world, a variety of activities, all kinds of ceremonies are designed their own exclusive trophies, so the winners feel more crowning glory. 

Today, we share some image of the world's most famous trophies, which one is your favorite design ?

Glory Award & Trophy

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